October 15, 2014

Just a brief hello to let you all know I have not abandoned you again!   Up to my ears in work at the moment though (both slave- and vanilla-world-related), but I promise I will get back to you at the weekend.   Same goes to the many of you who have asked questions on this website or directly to my email address.

Remember, patience is a virtue … :-)

Look what I have just bought for Matt.   Hope he enjoys using it!   It looks like a good one to start with.   Maybe he might eventually need a bigger one, but I’ll see how he gets on with this first.
Nice gift for our ‘Whip Master,’ eh?

Look what I have just bought for Matt.   Hope he enjoys using it!   It looks like a good one to start with.   Maybe he might eventually need a bigger one, but I’ll see how he gets on with this first.

Nice gift for our ‘Whip Master,’ eh?

A Question about 851-835-377 (pet name ‘Boxer’)

I have received the following submission -

In respect of 851-835-377 (pet name ‘Boxer’), I am a bit confused by the fact that it was allowed to get a job away from where it could serve its Owner, and that You and its Owner seem to be OK with this. Surely, as property it is not allowed to make that sort of decision on its own. I understand that You do not allow slaves to speak when they are at the farm, bur surely there is some means for it to communicate and ask this sort of question.

I understand what you’re saying.   I would definitely have preferred 851-835-377 (pet name ‘Boxer’) to have stayed with us on the farm after graduation, but that has proved to be infeasible.   His (I have to get used to called this slave ‘him’ instead of ‘it’ now he has been granted his freedom) line of work is - in my view - rather precarious and he felt he needed to take a job where he could find it.   Unfortunately, this was on the other side of the country.   Whilst I don’t really like this idea (after all, both I and Miss G L worked very hard to train him up to be the excellent slave he became), I recognise that I have to be practical.   I do not want and could not afford to support him by keeping him here on the farm 24/7, so there was really no alternative to letting him go.

But please don’t think that was easy for anyone.   Both he and his former owner were in tears when he left at the end of August and I was feeling rather emotional myself.   This is the first time I have ever had a slave leave me.   I need to understand that he probably won’t be the last either.   When you take on younger slaves, in full time education, there will inevitably come a time when they complete their courses and have to find a job.   Were that to be close to the farm to enable them to continue to serve here, that would be wonderful.  But, given today’s economic sitation, that is looking increasingly unlikely.

And as 851-835-377 could not possibly get here three weekends out of every four to serve (a key and non-negotiable requirement for any slave we take on) from where he now lives, that decided the matter.

But, as a farmer, I well undertstand that animals come and go, for a variety of reasons: some die, some are sold, others are leased to third parties and so on.   This reasoning applies to slaves as much as to any other livestock.   And, to look on the bright side, we do have two new and very promising young slaves in 565-877-879 (pet name ‘Nelson’) and 678-868-447 (pet name ‘Smartie’).   To finish on an amusing note, the latter was given its pet name my my Overseer, Matt.   His reason?   Smarties are his favourite chocolate sweets and, in fact, he often has some on him to give to slaves as a treat (they eat them from his hand) when they have done something to please him.   Bless … :-)

And while on the subject of Matt, as he has been given primary responsibilty for administering corporal punishment to slaves when they have been sentenced under the Slave Penal Code, we have given him the official title of Whip Master (despite the fact he usually uses a rattan cane).   Sounds rather ‘dramatic,’ I know, but it seems to have made an impact on the slave herd, who have been instructed to address him either as ‘Sir’ (as before) or as ‘Whip Master.’   The brighter ones use his official title as that pleases him and they would be very foolish indeed to annoy him.

Actually, now I think of it, maybe we should try and get him a whip.   It might be amusing (and appropriate) for a formal Public Whipping actually to involve a whip.   I’m sure Matt could be taught to use one effectively and accurately across a slave’s bare buttocks.   After all, he has mastered giving a caning very well.

What does anyone think?

Someone asked me via a private message if our new buck, 565-877-879 (pet name ‘Nelson’) had a particularly unsightly blemish on its back, having noticed this comment on its SORC.   I don’t think it is bad at all, but it is noticeable, and if a slave has any mark on its hide we tend to list that in its documentation as part of its identity.
Still, having seen what it looks like, you can make your own mind up.

Someone asked me via a private message if our new buck, 565-877-879 (pet name ‘Nelson’) had a particularly unsightly blemish on its back, having noticed this comment on its SORC.   I don’t think it is bad at all, but it is noticeable, and if a slave has any mark on its hide we tend to list that in its documentation as part of its identity.

Still, having seen what it looks like, you can make your own mind up.

Nelson seems quite young to be a slave. Do you think he really knows what he wants?

He is certainly young, but he is certainly also old enough to make his own decisions.   The first point that I should stress is that he is above the legal age of consent in the UK, so how he behaves is very much his own concern.

But, while I do certainly like having younger bucks on the property (they are very attractive naked, after all, and seem to be able to cum almost at the click of a finger!), age is not the primary consideration when acquiring a slave.   I have said it before on this blog, but the most important thing I look for in any potential new slave is its desire to serve and obey.   It must have an almost overwhelming desire to submit to a superior person and to serve him or her in all matters without question.   If this characteristic is not present, it would not matter how physically strractive the slave was, I would not take it on.

565-877-879 (pet name ‘Nelson’) demonstrated this deep submissiveness in spades during the selection process and we all agreed (that is, I and the Overseers) that it would make an excellent addition to our stock.   It was partially in the knowledge that we would be acquiring this new buck that I was willing to lease 967-077-418 (pet name ‘Rocket’) to my Dutch friends.   One in and one out as it were!

A Message from Guido

I have received the following message from my good friend Guido -

Good to see you back DM! We missed you.But extremely happy that things are going well at the farm.

There is a question that I had in mind already for some time. As you are a working farm I suppose that you have at least some business relations, people that are not involved in what is happening at the farm concerning the slaves. Suppose that such a person rings the bell (or any other way to ask for access) to speak about things that concern both of your businesses. How do you solve the problem that he should not see the naked slaves working outdoors or indoor. If you have slaves for so many years I suppose that at a given moment you had a visitor who was not expected there and then and somebody who you cannot turn down.

Hi Guido, and thanks for your note and kind words.   We are indeed a working farm, both dairy and arable.   But it may surprise you that we have very  few callers and the ones that do come - such as the milk tanker (for the cows’ milk, not the slaves’! - do so during the working week when we have no slaves on the farm, and always at a scheduled time.   Anyone else likely to want to see me, like agricultural agents, would always make an appointment, but I can hardly remember the last time that happened.   They make appointments with all farmers as none of us wait around sitting on our backsides on the offchance that someone might drop by.   All far too busy for that.

On weekends, when the slaves are serving here, we do have free people call, but they are *always* expected by me, if not the slaves.   I like to have trusted guests as that makes the whole dynamic far more interesting and exciting.   From time to time I also like to have guests that some of the slaves may not have seen before as -

  • I like to show off my stock to other free people and for them to see how well and obediently my slaves perform their tasks.   I think it’s a real testament to how I and my Overseers have trained our stock when they do well in front of ‘strangers.’
  • I think it’s good for the slaves to have to been seen (and to perfom if told to) by new people as it makes them understand they are nothing but naked slaves and must be obedient in front of *all* free people, no matter if they have seen them before or not.

Hope this answers your question.   If not, let me know!   And thanks again for messaging me.   Best,


With Boxer's manumission & Rocket serving in Holland on lease, is Taz the only hetero buck left at the BSP?

Yes.   Although, whatever a slave’s natural sexual inclination might be, we mate them in whatever combination we see fit and use them accordignly too.   In our experience, if you control a slave’s sexual release it soon comes to welcome an orgasm in any way, even if with a member of the same sex and supervised by an Overseer.

Controlling the sexual impulse goes a long way to controlling a slave, period.   That is why we milk bucks every morning when they are on the farm.   It’s amazing what you can train a slave to do.   You will heard of Pavlov’s dog, I am sure.   That same principle applies equally to slaves.

As we milk regularly each morning, our slaves know what to expect and by the time they are led into the milking parlour (where the cows are aleady being milked by machine), most of them are erect in anticipation of being milked.   Even a nominally heterosexual buck is usually erect in anticipation of release, despite the fact that the milker is a most often a young male Overseer.   The bucks are lined up next to one another on all fours facing the wall and when its turn comes, a buck gets a slap on the rump from the milker and it then instinctively spreads its hind legs and raises its rump to allow the milker unhindered access to its almost always already erect penis.   No words are exchanged for this other than, occasionally if the buck presents itself particularly well, the milker may well pat its backside and call it a ‘good boy,’ or some such thing, before stroking it to ejaculation into a plastic bowl.

I should add that, just as when being mated in the Breeding Pen, a buck is required to ‘bark’ just prior to releasing its sperm.   This is helpful to the milker by giving slight advanced warning of the arrival of the slave ‘milk,’so he can make sure the bowl is in place ready to collect it all.   It is also a nice little added humilation for the buck concerned (we are BIG believers in the power of constant humiliation to keep slaves in their place).   I can only imagine what other slaves on all fours further down the line must think when they hear one of their ‘colleagues’ barking loudly.   And, as I have mentioned before on the blog, the collected slave ‘milk’ is then usually mixed with their morning feed to give them added protein at the start of their long working day.   Sometimes we also mix slave milk and cow milk together to give them the treat of a delicious drink.   It’s good practice to use our animal by-products together.   We don’t like to waste anything on this farm.

Such is the power of the sexual impulse amongst ‘human animals,’ especially when kept naked and fed and used like any other livestock on the farm.   I have had years of experience of this and I *know* that if a slave is consistently treated like an animal it will soon become  to behave instinctively like one in virtually every respect.

As requested, here is our new buck’s, 565-877-879’s (pet name ‘Nelson’), SORC (top picture).

It also signed an eight-page BlueStar Plantation Slave Contract, the second page of which I am also reproducing here to give you an idea of its contents.   I am well aware of the dubious legality of such documents in my jurisdiction, but we continue to have slaves sign them for the reason that it formally recognises the step they have taken to put their person and life into the hands of another.   It is useful for them to understand what they are getting into and, I believe, really helps them to recognise what their duties will be if they decide they want to become someone else’s owned property.

There can be very little room left for doubt once the potential slave has read this document.   If he/she then goes ahead and signs it, it is - for us - a binding contract under ‘natural law.’   Incidentally, it was drafted for me by a friend with a legal background, which is why it reads so well I think.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Hi DM & Thank You 4 yr answer to my quest about Rocket's Lessees. When Rocket was your first & only slave, did U need 2 borrow or hire a slave bitch for this then young & horny hetero buck 2 mount from time 2 time? Or was it possible 2 keep him "calm" on a sexual diet of regular milking & gay oral & anal sex? Was your eventual acquisition of Misty a timely one with regards to the sexual needs of Rocket & Michael?

No, we didn’t do that formally although when a friend with a bitch stayed with us from time to time, we did take the opportunity to mate them.   Actually I have always felt the lack of female slaves on the farm and acquiring 775-157-760 (pet name ‘Misty’) was indeed an important development for us.   Whilst I myself have been predominantly gay all my life (hence my predeliction for handsome young bucks!), as an owner I recognised the need for a balanced herd.   In any case, my business partner, Michael, prefers the ladies so we had to find at least one bitch to keep him happy … :-)

I do like to see bucks and bitches working along side one another now though.   It proves to me that there is actually very little difference between male and female when it comes to slavery.   It is the mindset of the slave that is key.   If they have a truly, deeply submissive nature, that is all we need to fashion a useful and obedient slave.   We make no differentiation in the use of male/female slaves here on the farm and that applies to discipline too.

And, much to my own surprise I have to say (and to Michael’s amusement), I have developed a late-in-life sexual interest in our bitches too.   I certainly enjoy watching them being mated but, truth be told, I also enjoy oral and full sex from them too, if I am in the mood.   And I often am.   So, you see, you can teach an old dog new tricks … :-)

Thanks DM 4 your reply 2 my query about Boxer's stud fees. Has your feeling that your new buck "is going to be a nice little earner for us" anything to do with Nelson's Column? LOL! Is this buck a worthy replacement for the heavy hung but now rented out Rocket?

Great joke!   That actually really did make me laugh out loud and I will be sure to share it with the others … :-)

A worthy replacement for 967-077-418 (pet name ‘Rocket’)?   Too early to tell really.   On 565-877-879’s (pet name ‘Nelson’) side is youth and enthusiasm.   It reminds me very much of 382-035-857 (pet name ‘Ajax’) when we first acquired it and so we do have very high hopes for it.   It has done well so far in training.

We have walked it with our new farm dog 676-977-813 (pet name ‘Rebel’), from whom it has learned how to squat satisfactorily to do its business.   Nick has been teaching it to copy 676-977-813’s squatting position as much as possible.   A good squat will earn 565-877-879 a biscuit from Nick’s pocket as a reward (for which it has to ‘sit up and beg,’ of course), whilst a poor squat will earn it a good hard slap on its bare rump, if not a caning.

I always think this is a critical time in a new slave’s training.   I have gone into why we insist on this practice a number of times on the blog so I won’t repeat everything here.   Suffice to say, we make slaves urinate and defecate like dogs for two key reasons -

  1. It re-enforces their total animal status as livestock on the farm.
  2. It is a real test of their obedience.

The latter is particularly important I feel.   I have yet to meet any slave that is thrilled by being forced to do this (though I am sure there may be a few).   Most seem to regard it - rightly in my view - as the ultimate indignity and humiliation which, of course, it is designed to be.   Once they have mastered this act satisfactorily by learning to obey instantly when ordered, regardless of who is present, it shows us that they are well on their way to losing their ‘humanity’ (by which I mean the tendency to act and think like a free person) and have truly accepted their total and, for all practical purposes, irreversable slave status.

We like to hold them on the lead while they squat, just to make the point.   We also make them do this in front of free people they have never seen before, again as a further test of their obedience and acceptance of total slave status.   In fact, part of the training process is to have the new slave walked by a total stranger on the understanding that, on the word of command, it will squat and do its business (by which we require it both to urinate and defecate) while the fully clothed free person holds it on its lead like a dog.   The new slave will have passed this test if it receives a good report from the free person when they return to the Main House.

May sound ‘tacky’ or even disgusting to some, but in training terms, it is pure gold.   And it works.